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Child Leadership

At St. Peter's, we strive to create opportunities for our children to learn and live 'Life in all its Fullness' with pupil voice and student leadership at the very heart.  Inspired by the Children in Need 'Together We Can Change Young Lives' campaign, we believe that: ‘Together, we can ensure young people are the leaders of today, not just the leaders of tomorrow'

Please scroll down to see how we are serving and leading our community this year. 

Play Leaders

Are you looking for a student leadership role?  Have you got the skills for a Play Leader?  Do you have new ideas to support lunchtime play?  Are you fun and positive?  Our Play Leader applications are now open!  Please hand them into Miss Taylor or Miss Stiff.

Young Fundraisers

What makes St. Peter's a school?  What makes a house a home?  Our children have taken on the challenge to lead some fundraising initiatives at home to help rebuild this family home in The Gambia, West Africa. Our kitchen team are also baking house shaped biscuits, which our Play Leaders will help to sell at break time.  


Junior Road Safety Officers

Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO’S) help to promote road safety issues within the school and the local community. Our appointed Junior Road Safety Officers are in Year 5. Over the school year, their roles and responsibilities will involve:

  • Maintaining a notice board and making sure the road safety information is up to date
  • Talking in an Assembly or in Class on road safety themes
  • Arranging competitions
  • Awarding certificates
  • Using the JRSO website
  • Helping to appoint next year’s JRSO

Biscuit sale

Thank you for supporting our ‘house shaped’ biscuit sale, helping to raise funds to rebuild a house in The Gambia, West Africa. Our children showed such beautiful kindness with their lovely appreciation and generosity, with so many children offering to donate their change. Such a shining example of our community working and joining together. Thank you to our kitchen team for making the delicious biscuits and for all the support from our children and families  - an impressive £166.25 was raised!