Learning and Living 'Life in all its Fullness'
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Year 3

Welcome to our Year 3 curriculum page. Please scroll down to see how we are learning and living 'Life in all its Fullness' this year through our curriculum adventures.

Year 3 Autumn Term One

At the start of their journey at St. Peter’s, our Year 3 children will contemplate ‘Does a journey ever end?’ as they learn about transport, travel, movement, new beginnings and personal growth across the curriculum subjects.  At the start of their journey in Year 3, our children will attend a special welcome service, where every child will be presented with their own keepsake Bible.  As part of their curriculum project, children will draw their own self-portrait with reflections of their wider character - these will be kept as a special reminder for when the children reach Year 6, where they will have the same opportunity to reflect on their identity and growth through a personal portrait and poem.  A warm welcome to all our Year 3 children and we look forward to seeing their growth 'in all its fullness' during their time at St. Peter's.

Year 3 Recommended Reading