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Special Educational Needs

The expertise of your child's teachers and the regular monitoring of your child's progress will enable any special needs to be identified. this may be because your son or daughter is experiencing a problem which is making it difficult for him or her to make progress, or because he or she has particular abilities which need to be stretched to a higher level. At St Peter's we are committed to identifying these needs at an early stage in your child's school life. We will then discuss them with you and agree the best course of action. 


Ofsted, June 2013

Pupils whose circumstances might make them vulnerable, and those with special educational needs, are extremely well supported and as a result make similar and sometimes better progress than all other pupils. Less able pupils were very well supported by the teaching assistant as they were asked to explain aloud their working out of a problem in mathematics. This helped the teaching assistant to spot where the mistake or difficulty was occurring and offer appropriate help.

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