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We are looking forward to an exciting year, full of enthusiasm, ambition and determination as we come to the end of our journey at St Peter's. In Year 6 we strive to be role models, as we set high expectations in all we do. Recently we have been focussing on various quotes of determination, resilience and perseverance - vocabulary which we use frequently in our learning. 


Mrs Huggett, Mrs Norris, Mrs Adey and Mrs Walker


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English - Holes by Louis Sachar and bEOWULF BY MICHAEL MORPURGO


This term we were captivated by the journey of Stanley Yelnats, a young boy who was punished for something he didn't even do. Travelling out into the barren wasteland of Texas, Stanley has been put to the test (physically and emotionally) as he struggles for survival, clarity and overall understanding of his family's past and what could be his future. The children have been examining different elements of the story: the setting, using figurative language to build on their senses; character development, discussing character traits and the overall impact the story has on the reader. We will be using this content to write our informal letters expressing emotive language and various grammatical features. 


This week we have moved our attention to the tale of Beowulf: a story of a young prince warrior who makes his journey across the sea to defeat the gruesome demon Grendel, who is causing havoc in the kingdom. What will happen to Beowulf? Will he be successful and defeat Grendel or become a bloody corpse left to rot in his home below the eerie swamp? 

Beowulf Role Play

Beowulf Role Play 1
Beowulf Role Play 2
Beowulf Role Play 3
Today in English we re-enacted a scene from the traditional version of Beowulf. Each group had a different scene to represent and challenging text to read.

Soundscaping Beowulf's arrival to Heorot

Today, we worked in small groups to create the sounds of a scene from the text. We had to think about how to layer the sounds to create the best overall effect and what would sound best for the listener who doesn't have an image to guide them.

Topic - vikings

Why was Alfred the Great so 'great'? Were the Vikings just brutes or settlers coming to a new land? These are some of the questions we have been examining this half term as we learn about the Viking's struggle for power with the Anglo-Saxons and predict why they came to England. The children have been using emotive and figurative language to write recounts and diary entries as a ruthless Viking solider or a member of the great king's army.


Play in a day will be October 17th (all day) where the children will get to participate in a Viking re-enactment.