The school’s vision, ‘Living life in all its fullness’, is the heartbeat of this welcoming and happy school.
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At St. Peter's Church of England Junior School, we strive for all members of our community to 'Learn and Live - Life in all its Fullness' and we have therefore used our COVID catch-up premium funding to further support and enhance our children's learning and well-being.  We are committed to providing a curriculum that is meaningful and ambitious, designed to give all children the knowledge, skills and character values they need to succeed in life.


We used our £13,370 COVID catch-up premium funding to:

  • Employ a new Learning Support Assistant, enabling every class in the school to be supported by an additional adult.  This includes well-being support, 1:1 intervention work and group teaching.
  • Provide training for our Learning Support Assistant's, including Maths, Early Reading and Precision Teaching.
  • Provide anxiety training for our Learning Support Assistants, including a workshop led by our Educational Psychologist.
  • Provide whole school training for Early Reading, including specialist support to monitor and develop the provision for our lowest 20% of readers.
  • Fund additional CPD for Hampshire Maths and English Advisors to support/equip our subject leaders and class teachers to identify specific barriers to learning and plan accordingly, including strategies to best support teaching and learning.
  • Run the National Tutoring Programme for 24 children in school, including 9 Pupil Premium.
  • Provide High Quality Inclusive Teaching CPD to the whole staff team, delivered by the SEN Lead Advisor for Hampshire.
  • Enable additional time out of class for our SENCO to monitor the provision for children with SEND, including the implementation and impact of our SEN Learning Journals.
  • Provide additional time for curriculum planning to enable our teachers to plan and deliver a meaningful and ambitious 'Life in all Fullness' curriculum.


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