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At St. Peter's, we aspire for all members of our community to 'Learn and Live - Life in all its Fullness'.  Underpinned by this vision, we are on an exciting school development journey.  Please scroll down for some of our feedback this academic year and for a link to our Ofsted dashboard. 


  • 'Pupil interviews indicate that the children enjoy coming to school.  All of the children were able to talk about memorable lessons and experiences and to find examples of work of which they were proud, drawn from a range of core and foundation subjects, with many sharing their learning journey outcomes as a source of pride' (Hampshire Monitoring Visit, September 2020).


  • 'Since the appointment of the interim headteacher, there have been considerable improvements in a number of areas for example in children's behaviour, in the relationships and ethos of the school and in the learning environment' (Hampshire Monitoring Visit, September 2020).


  • 'It was so inspiring to see and hear how your school has grown.  Your impact on the school environment has been significant and the quality of the displays is very noticeable' (Assistant Director for Education, Diocese of Guildford, December 2020).


'Leaders have worked quickly and efficiently throughout the pandemic to ensure that pupils could be educated remotely.  In line with their school ethos of ‘life in all its fullness’, they have strived to ensure that the full curriculum has been provided for pupils throughout the lockdowns' (Ofsted Remote Monitoring Inspection, March 2021).


'Leaders have been thoughtful and reflective about how they can adapt the curriculum effectively for remote education.  As a result, pupils are highly engaged in their remote learning and parents appreciate the hard work of staff' (Ofsted Remote Monitoring Inspection, March 2021).


'There have noticeable improvements in the learning environment, the quality of work on display.  The school vision and values permeate the school and there is a shared understanding of promoting life in all its fullness' (County Monitoring Visit, March 2021).


'The children spoke with pride about their writing and were clear of areas where they needed to improve, recognising how feedback and written marking from the teacher supports them' (County Monitoring Visit, March 2021).


'The school is lovely and the children were delightful.  They participated very enthusiastically and sang really well.  I was particularly impressed by the caring atmosphere in the school, in which every child is clearly valued and encouraged to do their best' (Prom Praise for Schools, May 2021).

  • 'Leaders and those responsible for governance are taking effective action in order for the school to become a good school' (Ofsted Monitoring Inspection, June 2021).


  • 'You have forged ahead with making important improvements wasting no time since you joined the school last year. Parents and pupils recognise these positive changes and appreciate leaders’ and teachers’ efforts' (Ofsted Monitoring Inspection, June 2021).


  • 'Pupils’ behaviour is now much better.  They work more productively in lessons and play together more happily at breaktimes. This indicates the high expectations you have swiftly brought to all areas of the school’s work' (Ofsted Monitoring Inspection, June 2021).


  • 'The pupils I spoke to were very enthusiastic about coming to school valuing the strong relationships they have with their teachers and their friends.  They said that they enjoy learning.  They are proud of the school and feel valued' (Ofsted Monitoring Inspection, June 2021).

Please scroll down further to see our commitment to school development and the delivery of a whole education, underpinned by our vision of 'life in all its fullness'.

Whole Education

We are delighted to be a part of the Whole Education network - a dynamic network of over 500 schools and partners, committed to learning from and with each other to deliver a fully rounded, 'whole education'.  We wholeheartedly share the Whole Education vision of an education system in which all young people thrive in life, learning and work. 


We are excited to be involved in the following Whole Education projects:

Leading a Whole Education