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Dear Parents,

Letter of Introduction

I am absolutely delighted to introduce myself as acting headteacher at St. Peter’s CE Junior School for the remainder of the school year.  I appreciate this has been an unsettling time for you all and I would like to reassure you of my commitment to St. Peters.  Yesterday, I spent a lovely morning meeting the school wide team and governors as we joined together in a reflection of our Vision and Values at St. Peters.  As part of our next journey, we look forward to further embedding our Values at the very heart of school life as we strive for all members of our community to Live life in all its Fullness’ through our curriculum provision and wider church school offer.

I am incredibly passionate about leading church schools, with a vast range of experience as Deputy Headteacher at All Saints CE Junior School and various work I have carried out in partnership with the Diocese of Guildford.  This term alone, I have enjoyed supporting schools in the Guildford Diocese with their curriculum development and Character Education offer.  I particularly specialise in curriculum development, Character Education, church school distinctiveness, mentoring/coaching – and I look forward to sharing these skills with the St. Peter’s family as we journey together, striving for the very best for all members of our community. 

I am also a real advocate for Global Education and have spent the past twelve years leading a school linking project in The Gambia, West Africa, best known as our ‘Learning through Friendship’ project – also in collaboration with Hampshire Scouting.  I have only just returned from our most recent trip – spending ten days in The Gambia over the February half term!  Our time was spent working with our link school and community as we engaged with the Sustainable Development Goals and worked together to officially open a new accommodation block for the teachers.  I am incredibly passionate about actively involving our children in our school linking project and a huge proportion of the new accommodation was funded through their child-led fundraising initiatives.  This morning, I spoke to the children at St. Peters about my half term in Africa – making links to each of the St. Peter’s Values.  I hope they will be able to share some of my adventures with you and I have left them with the task of investigating the Sustainable Development Goals in more detail. 

In addition to my roles in school, I am also a coach for Whole Education – a national network of schools, committed to providing a fully rounded education for all our children.  Over the past year, I have been working with a group of schools in Coventry – supporting them with their school improvement journey through a collaborative enquiry approach.  I look forward to sharing all these skills at St. Peters.

Thank you for the warm welcome at the gate this morning and I look forward to meeting all families at the parent’s evenings taking place this week – I will be positioned in the reception area for both events.  I will also be at the gate most days so please do come and introduce yourself.  The children have made me feel at home already with their cheerful smiles and warm welcomes - and I really look forward to getting to know you all.

Very best wishes,

Miss Carmella Reece

Acting Headteacher