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Year 3

Welcome to 3 Baden-Powell, taught by Mrs Martin

Our class is named after Sir Robert Baden-Powell (3BP)

All our school classes are named after famous British people.

We chose Sir Baden Powell because he was the founder of the Scouting movement and we know lots of our children enjoy beavers, cubs, rainbows and brownies.

He was born in London in 1857 and was one of 10 children. His father died when he was three and he was raised by his mother, enjoying an active outdoor childhood with his brothers and his time at boarding school. He served in the British Army in India and Africa.

Year 3 Welcome Service

Place value recollection at the beginning of a new term. Using concrete resources to show our understanding.

English retrieval of information linked to work based on the book We Travel So Far

Do I have the correct change?

Ensuring we had a balanced diet of food for our long journey. How exciting using the pupil kitchen before a taste test!

How far can we jump and can I measure it accurately? Children enjoying comparing lengths of their jumps in cm and m outside.

Working collaboratively to compare lengths and measure using trading cards.

Investigation and understanding of fractions. What do I know?

Drama and freeze frames linked to The Firework Maker's Daughter in English

Hook Day - Are all Volcanoes the Same?

Geometry focusing on 3D shapes. Can I name their properties and identify which shape from the net?

DT - Wheeled vehicle

Our Beautiful art work

Links with the community - Happy Christmas

Schools in Communities Project

Mental Health and Well-being Day

Stone Age Art

Crispy Crumb Fishcakes - Yum!

Writing outcomes - Reverse Time Frame linked to The Stone Age Boy

Keeping in touch with our friends remote learning.

World Book Day

Sculpture inspired by Alberto Giacometti

Stone Age Hunter Gatherers - Celebration of Learning

Easter Cards made by Year 3

Reading with Humphrey

What was the Roman Empire's biggest impact on Britain? Hook Day

Are we proficient in measuring length?

We are all ready to investigate - How do plants make their food?

Yummy! We have been learning about seasonality and made a lasagne. Lots of chopping, slicing, stirring, mixing, weighing and baking. Even our parents liked it!