The school’s vision, ‘Living life in all its fullness’, is the heartbeat of this welcoming and happy school.
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Year 3 Curriculum Projects

Autumn 1 - Hike round Hampshire

How can we ‘learn to live’ our best journey?


At the start of their journey at St. Peter’s, our children will be well supported to develop a sense of belonging within our school and local community.  As they adjust to new routines in a new environment, they will learn about our school values and explore wider Hampshire through their geography enquiry, discovering how they can ‘learn to live their best journey’.  The children will be warmly welcomed to our school through a special welcome service at St. Peter’s Church, where every child will be presented with their own keepsake Bible.  

As the children consider whether ‘Hampshire is all the same’ through geography, they will also be encouraged to value their own uniqueness and, through Relationships Education, learn the importance of ‘Being Me in My World’.  As part of the wider curriculum, children will reflect on their personal journey ahead, while experimenting with maps and routes through collage in art and design. 


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Autumn 2 - Stone Age

How can we celebrate the changes within the Stone Age?  


As our children begin to develop as Historians, they will learn how people lived and survived in pre-historic times. They will continue to focus on our school values, reflecting on the similarities and differences within their own lives and of those in the past.

As the children reflect on the hopes they have for the wider community and how it will develop over time, they will take inspiration from their RHE lessons - celebrating difference.  As part of the wider curriculum, children will reflect on life in pre-historic times, performing a dance routine as hunter-gatherers and learning about 'The First Drawing' through art and English.  The children's learning is further enriched by their school trip to Butser Ancient Farm.


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Spring 1 - Volcanoes

How are volcanoes life changing?


Launched by their creation and eruption of volcano sculptures, the children will embark on a geographical adventure, expanding their knowledge of the world around them.  Underpinned by their geographical enquiry of ‘are all volcanoes the same’, the children will explore a variety of volcanoes from multiple countries, exposing them to different cultures and communities who inhabit the same land. Enhanced by their work in art, music and English, the children will explore the impact that volcanoes have, on both the planet and its inhabitants. 

This project enables the children to explore the feeling of empathy, looking at life through the eyes of others.  How do other people in the world live 'life in all its fullness' whilst living in the face of danger?  The life impact of volcanoes and the way in which people have adapted enables the children to consider how ‘life in all its fullness’ can be embodied by anyone, even though our circumstances may not all be the same.


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Spring 2 - Ancient Romans

What did the Romans do for us?


As the children continue to develop as Historians, they will learn about life in the Roman times.  As they consider similarities and differences between the Roman period and their own lives today, they will discover the impact that the Romans had on Great Britain.  Through further reflection, they will consider 'what the Romans did for us', through the evidence that still exists today.


Inspired by their English text driver ‘Escape from Pompeii’ By Christina Balit, the children will be immersed in the life and traditions of the ancient Romans. They will also reflect on the strength of the Roman army and how they successfully invaded Britain on their second attempt.  To enhance their understanding, the children will visit Ufton Court, where they will take part in crafts and skills, games, drama activities and Roman soldier training.

As the children consider the impact of the ancient Romans on life in Britain, they will reflect on their own, personal impact on the earth and the people around them.  As they connect with the Global Goal of 'industry and infrastructure', they will investigate the innovations created by the ancient Romans.  This is further supported through their creation of Roman coins in art and design.  


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Summer Term 1 - European Study (France)

What can we learn from our Neighbours?

In Geography, our children will embark on a European place study, taking them to a town called Chambery in France.  Through their map work and research, Year 3 will explore the human and physical features of Chambery.  As they zoom in further, they will start to consider the similarities and differences between Farnborough and Chambery, with a focus on biomes.  This study will enable them to identify comparisons, while also acknowledging the uniqueness of each place.  Through their enquiry, the children will reflect on human impact and how we can better nurture our environment.  

Through this project, Year 3 will explore how our neighbours in Europe live 'life in all its fullness’, while thinking about their own, local opportunities to 'live life to the full'.  Enriched by their work in Relationships Education, they will consider what it means to be a good neighbour, both locally and globally.  This project culminates in a French café experience, alongside friends and family.  As part of this event, every child will have the opportunity to serve others, while conversing and singing in French.


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