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Year 4 Curriculum Projects

Autumn 1 - Anglo Saxons

What makes someone a ‘great’ person?


During Autumn 1, Year 4 children will ignite their curiosity by investigating what life was like for Anglo Saxons, who Alfred the Great was, and what makes someone a ‘great person’.  As an engaging hook into this exciting period of History, the children will create their own Anglo Saxon shield and learn about the symbols used by the early Anglo-Saxons as an alphabet in their writing system.

Supported by their experience of Saxon life during a school visit at Stubbington Study Centre, the children will use drama to dive deeper into the history behind the invasion of the Anglo Saxons.  During this project, children will consider the values shown by someone who is 'a great person'. While also considering Goal 16 of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (peace and strong institutions), children will learn about the changes brought to life in England by King Alfred the Great. 


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Autumn 2 - Antarctica

This half term, Year 4 will continue to reflect on our church school vision of living ‘life in all its fullness’.  Underpinned by their project question, they will investigate how climate change affects everyone and everything.  Whilst immersing themselves in the life and expedition of Ernest Shackleton, they will learn about the impact of climate change.  As they journey through Antarctica, they will reflect on the impact of their actions, both now and in the future, discovering simple life changes they can make in their day-to-day lives, while also encouraging others.

During this project, the children will create and share their own climate pledge, considering how they might live life differently, furthering their commitment to making a positive change for the future. As part of the wider curriculum, they will learn life skills in design technology, planning and making a tasty, high in fat, low in water content dish, such as Shackleton’s team would have eaten.


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Spring 1 - West Africa

How does trade impact economic growth globally?


As Year 4 continue their journey of geographical discovery, they will explore how trade impacts economic growth.  To inspire and ignite their curiosity, the children will participate in a range of activities, which will enable them to ask questions and develop their knowledge and understanding. Using research and investigative skills, they will learn how a natural product influences and affects the global community.  Enhanced by their work in art, dance and music, they will reflect upon the culture and customs in West Africa. This interest is sparked at the start of their project with an African drumming workshop. 

As part of this project, the children will reflect on our global community and consider where products come from, including the process involved with trade links and economic growth. While learning about the main export goods from the Ivory Coast, the children will discover and recognise the benefits of the fair trade arrangement on developing countries and their workers, enabling ‘life in all its fullness’.  An exciting celebration awaits - an African style market, led by the children.  All proceeds from the sale of their hand-made African inspired products will be donated to a rural school in The Gambia.


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Spring 2 - Vikings

Were the Vikings raiders or traders?


This half term, the children will investigate whether the Vikings were raiders or traders, and create their own opinions.  At the start of their project timeline, the children will investigate who the Vikings were and why they came to Britain. At the launch of this project, they are invited to dress up as Vikings, while engaging in an archaeological dig. Throughout the project, they will grow as historians, researching and locating Viking town names around the UK.  Through their study, they will learn about life in the Viking times, including the impact of the raid on Lindisfarne and how England became unified. 

During this project, the children will consider the traits shown by the Vikings, comparing similarities and differences to modern life today.  This understanding is further enriched by their two night residential to Hooke Court.  As part of this enrichment opportunity, the children will experience Viking cooking, weaving and storytelling.  They will also look at the Viking Runic form of writing, creating their own version in clay.  During their final outcome, the children will share their opinions and thoughts on whether the Vikings were raiders or traders, justifying the reasons for their judgement.  


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Summer 1 - South America

How do our actions affect a world away from our local community?


At the launch of this project adventure, Year 4 will embark on a carnival experience, as they journey to the tropical world of South America.  After the fun of making their carnival masks and learning how to Samba, the children will undertake a study of Copacabana, investigating how it is both similar and different to our local community.  Through their art work, they will use a range of textiles to create designs in the style of Roberto Burle Marx, a Brazilian landscape architect.

Enriched by their study of The Great Kapok Tree, Year 4 will investigate the land, climate and economy of Copacabana.  As they explore this far away place, they will consider how the impact of their own actions might affect a world away from our local community.  A journey of discovery awaits.


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