The school’s vision, ‘Living life in all its fullness’, is the heartbeat of this welcoming and happy school.
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Physical Education

Our Vision for Physical Education (PE)

"A high-quality physical education inspires all pupils to succeed and excel

in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities'

(National Curriculum).


We are committed to providing a memorable and fully rounded educational experience for all our children, enabling them to flourish in life and learning.  Through our PE curriculum, we strive to inspire and engage every child, allowing them to explore, develop and embed a range of skills,  knowledge and values to support their health and fitness, both now and all through life. 


As active members of a sporting community, we believe that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is a unique and vital contributor to a child’s physical development and mental well-being.


Life in all Fullness through Physical Education

'Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character

and help to embed values such as fairness and respect'

(National Curriculum).


Inspired by our vision of 'life in all its fullness', we strive to provide curriculum opportunities and wider experiences that will enable our children to learn for life.  We believe in delivering a PE curriculum that is fully inclusive, enabling every child to build character and embed values through sporting adventures, physical activities and wider opportunities.  We believe in providing a memorable and engaging PE curriculum that will contribute to physical development and lifelong learning, supporting children to lead healthy, active lives.


We believe that a broad and balanced PE curriculum will enable every child to:

  • foster a love for and enjoyment of being active
  • develop ‘fitness for life’ habits 
  • identify, improve and celebrate talents
  • develop confidence, self-esteem and social skills
  • express themselves and be creative
  • develop a range of skills for a 'life in all fullness'
  • try out activities they would not otherwise have access to.


Our Aims in Physical Education

As stated in the national curriculum for physical education, we aim to ensure that all children:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities
  • lead healthy, active lives.


Skills and Values

We strive to embed our values in all areas of school life, promoting them as a guide for flourishing in life and learning.


As active and responsible citizens we;


Take RESPONSIBILITY to lead healthy, active lives, enjoying and making the most of our opportunities.

Show RESPECT by supporting others to become physically confident and by embedding values such as fairness and respect.

Model COLLABORATION by engaging in new sports and physical activities, working together and competing against each other.

Exemplify TRUTH when evaluating performance and recognising success, in both ourselves and others.

Share and CELEBRATE personal achievements when participating and excelling in a broad range of physical activities, adventures and competitions.

To SERVE our school community by representing our house teams, class and wider school with determination, courage, respect and friendship.



Physical Education Learning Journey

"Inspiring those who inspire the children is key to successful PE."

(Kathryn and Natalie, Founders of Get Set 4 PE)


Our PE curriculum is supported by the ‘Get Set 4 PE’ programme.  Each learning journey in PE ensures that children are given a wealth of opportunities to develop their physical skills, as well as developing the whole child.  Each lesson plan contains progressive activities that are designed to inspire and engage children, allowing them to explore and develop skills and embed knowledge.

Please click on the documents below for an overview of our PE curriculum and progression.

Wider opportunities

We are proud to participate in the following county competitions: cross country, football and netball.


For further information about the range of extra-curricular activities available to our children, including dance, judo, gymnastics and netball, please click on the link below.

Subject Lead: Mrs Martin

Subject Governor: Katy Harris