We enjoy learning and living 'life in all its fullness'
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Welcome to St Peter's

A warm welcome to St Peter’s Church of England Junior School, surrounded by beautiful grounds and situated in a Grade 2 listed building – similar to that of a National Trust property! Lovingly hidden behind St. Peter’s Church, we even have our own cellars with an enclosed ancient well!  Our school motto ‘Learn to Live’ was founded in 1962 when moving into our historic building.  Inspired by John 10:10, our vision has since developed.  We strive for all members of our community to learn and live 'Life in all its Fullness'.

Our Beautiful Building

We are exceptionally proud of our rich history and beautiful surroundings.  Our building, formerly the Manor House of Farnborough and best known as Farnborough Place, became a school in 1962.  Until 1903, Farnborough Place had been the residence of the Lords of the Manor for nearly 300 years!  It is claimed that the Manor House was restored by the famous architect Sir Christopher Wren, who lived from 1632 until 1723. The Manor of Farnborough was first left in the will of King Alfred to Ethelm, his nephew, in 901, and a residence of importance has stood on the present site since the reign of King John. 

Our Stunning Grounds

Our historic building is surrounded by ancient trees and a beautiful field – home to outdoor learning, sports and games.  We even have our own ‘Golden Mile’ track and the children are proud of the miles they run and the certificates they gain.  Our playground is alive with childhood at lunchtimes with our play equipment, picnic benches and playground games – we even have our own gym equipment, which the children love to use to keep fit and have fun! 

Our Church Community

We feel so fortunate to share the same grounds as St. Peter’s Church – two historic, beautiful buildings, side by side – a reflection of our special partnership and our community ethos.  We have visitors in from the church regularly – working with children, helping around school and leading assemblies.  Our children visit the church regularly, including opportunities to reflect, pray and celebrate.  The church brings us together as a school wide family, including special events such as the Year 3 Welcome Service and our Year 6 Leavers Service.  We are proud of our supportive and nurturing church school link with a heartfelt commitment to enable ‘Life in all its Fullness’ for all members of our community.

Our Classrooms

We believe in ‘Life in all its Fullness’ for every child and our classrooms are a reflection of our engaging curriculum and commitment to all the subjects.  We believe in a curriculum that enables 'Life in all its Fullness' - we encourage children to wonder, to ask questions and to engage with their learning and character growth ‘in all its fullness’.  Each half term, our children are introduced to an enquiry question, creating links and threads between the subjects – enabling children to answer their big question ‘in all its fullness’. Our half term curriculum projects start with an exciting hook event to ignite children’s curiosity and finish with a celebration of ‘beautiful learning’.  We are proud of our spacious classrooms within our Grade 2 listed building, including sash windows, high ceilings and original wood panelling – made all the more beautiful with our children’s work on display.  

Our Library

Our exquisite library is at the heart of our school – a room filled with historic features, books galore and a wonderful place for reading and learning! Our school library (our very own ballroom for reading!) is decorated with chandeliers, a fireplace and a fantastic range of books to promote and stimulate children’s reading.  This beautiful room leads from the official entrance of the Manor House – with the original main doors and vestibule tiled flooring creating a grand entrance to the school, used on special occasions.  Our library is a place to get wrapped-up in reading and the unique history of our beautiful school building. 

Our Children's Kitchen

Although our building is a historic Manor House, we are proud of all our modern technology, including I-pads and laptops for each year group – and our amazing children’s kitchen!  We believe in ‘Life in all Fullness’ for all our children, and we are committed to and passionate about delivering a fully rounded, whole education.  We believe in growing the whole child and best preparing our children for life in an ever-changing world.  Our children’s kitchen is a fantastic example of this.

A warm welcome

We you enjoyed the tour and we look forward to welcoming you into school.  For more information about our school, please phone us on 01252 543 320 and we will happily tell you more about life at St. Peter’s Church of England Junior School and arrange a time for you to visit. Our special school, a place for ‘Life in all its Fullness’, could become your special school too.