The school’s vision, ‘Living life in all its fullness’, is the heartbeat of this welcoming and happy school.
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What our parents say

  • "Thank you so much for such a lovely visit this morning.  We can’t wait for him to start now.  You are all so lovely and the school is amazing, we both left with a full heart" (Year 2 prospective parent).


  • "When we were allocated a Year 3 place at St Peter's, we were not sure it was going to be the right fit for our son. However, we have been very impressed with the school management and leadership team who are clearly dedicated to the children’s well-being, safety and academic development. The school itself is a beautiful building, full of history, with amazing grounds and facilities which the children can enjoy on a daily basis. Our son is very happy and settled at St Peter’s. Seeing him running in through the gates every morning, alongside the other children, is a real joy, and a credit to Miss Reece and all of her colleagues" (Year 3 parent).


  • "My daughter is loving her time at St Peter’s. Since starting at the school, I have seen her grow in confidence and thrive. In particular, her reading and love of books has significantly increased thanks to Miss Reece and her excellent team. Their tailored support for her learning needs has enabled her to believe in herself and continue to make academic progress. In addition the school is small enough for everyone to know each other and it feels very much like a community where everyone looks out for each other" (Year 3 parent).


  • "St Peter's is a fantastic school.  Well worth a visit before you decide.  Small friendly school, great teaching, lots of after school clubs.  Your children will leave being the best they can be" (Year 4 parent).


  • "From the first moment I saw the school and grounds I knew my child would be happy at St Peter's.  The school has such a feeling of space, both in the classrooms and also in the school grounds and my son loves the addition of the outside classroom.  I have always had positive interactions with all the staff at school and feel I am listened to when I have feedback or am talking at parent's evening, and get the sense that they know my child.  I know that my child’s safety and wellbeing is a priority for the school and I have enjoyed hearing about what my child gets up to at school" (Year 5 parent).


  • ‘We have been members of the St Peter’s school community for nearly four years now and both of our children are incredibly happy here. The academic provision is fantastic. So much effort clearly goes into making sure that learning is fun, interesting and above all engages the children. Both of my children have been stretched appropriately academically and supported when needed, ensuring that they have both had the opportunity to realise their full potential. St Peter’s is a very nurturing school; my children feel safe, respected and valued as individuals. The staff are warm and welcoming and have always gone out of their way to listen to any concerns I may have had over the years. We feel very lucky to have been part of the St Peter’s school community and will miss it hugely when it is time to move on’ (Year 6 parent).


  • 'Thank you so much for allowing me to join you on your trip to London Zoo on Tuesday.  I was very impressed with how the whole of year 6 held themselves, in their manners, respect for others and pride in the school.  The teaching team have clearly worked very hard with the children as the knowledge they shared about the animals they saw was outstanding.  I had a lovely time with children and was also proud to be part of a school that carries its value beyond the school gates' (Year 6 parent).


What our children say

We asked the children to share their thoughts and these were their exact words!


  • "Life in all fullness is life at this school"


  • "We learn together and we grow together"


  • "You've only got one life so live it to the full at St. Peter's!  We are all one big family!"


  • "You can never find a school like ours because here, teachers enlighten the way for students"


  • "You can make great friends at St. Peter's"


  • "A school is a school but ours is a loving family"


  • "This school is amazing because while we learn, we also have fun"


  • "We love our teachers, we love what they do for us.  We make a great community"


Feedback from our local community

  • "What a wonderful surprise to be given a Christmas goodie bag with such lovely handmade gifts.  I was so thrilled and very touched by your kindness - a huge thank you" (local resident, December 2021).


  • "The school is lovely and the children were delightful.  They participated very enthusiastically and sang really well.  I was particularly impressed by the caring atmosphere in the school, in which every child is clearly valued and encouraged to do their best" (Prom Praise for Schools, May 2021).


  • “Dear children at St. Peter’s School, Thank you for the present I received on Easter Sunday. It was one of the best gifts I have ever been given - and I am quite old” (local resident, April 2021).


Feedback from the Guildford Diocese

  • "I was very impressed with how the children talked about your school’s vision and values and how important they are to everyone at St Peter’s Junior School. It was lovely to see all the super artwork and displays around the school and I particularly enjoyed the children showing me their books” (Gillian Morris, Assistant Director of Education for the Guildford Diocese).


  • "The Christian ethos and values are central to everything the school does" (Alex Tear, Director of Education for the Guildford Diocese).


Feedback from Hampshire County Council


  • Subject leaders talk about their subjects with passion and enthusiasm.


  • Children speak positively and enthusiastically about the curriculum – they enjoy learning.


  • Evidence in books and the learning environment, and discussions with children, demonstrate that there is strong entitlement to a broad and enriched curriculum.


  • Teachers and children take pride in the learning outcomes which are celebrated and displayed across the school, raising the profile of different subjects and providing quality examples as models.


  • The children are keen to talk about their learning and demonstrate enthusiasm when doing so.



Feedback from Ofsted


  • The school’s vision, ‘Living life in all its fullness’, is the heartbeat of this welcoming and happy school.


  • Leaders have created a nurturing and caring environment that is valued by parents.


  • The school provides a wealth of opportunities for pupils to develop their leadership skills.


  • Leaders have developed an ambitious curriculum that clearly reflects the school’s vision. 


  • Teachers skilfully adapt their teaching to ensure that all pupils, including those with SEND, achieve well.


  • The school’s work to support pupils’ personal development is a strength. 


  • Leaders ensure that pupils develop as responsible, caring citizens.


  • Pupils enjoy a broad range of extra-curricular activities to enhance their learning.


  • Leaders and governors have worked tirelessly to improve the school. They have fully established a positive culture whereby all staff feel recognised and valued. 


  • Staff are very happy working at this school and describe the headteacher as ‘inspirational’.


  • Staff work together well to build a successful and caring school community. Parents recognise this and are full of praise for the school.


  • Leaders have established a strong culture of safeguarding. They make sure that every child is known and understood well.