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Welcome to Year 5

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5N is named after Sir Isaac Newton and is taught by Miss Annette and Mrs Burgess.  5T is named after Alan Turing and is taught by Ms Charman.

Find out more about Alan Turing here:

Find out more about Sir Isaac Newton here:

Welcome to Year 5. We have had an amazing year so far and have taken part in lots of learning, exciting trips and activities to enable us to get to know our new classes better.   School is very different at the moment, but make sure you keep in touch as much as possible.  You can email us via the school office (just put your teacher's name in the subject line) or message us on DB Primary.


We really are very keen to hear all your news, see all your photos and learn all about what you have been up to.  We are still here to help and want to do all we can to ensure you are having a safe and enjoyable time at home - with all that wonderful learning thrown in!   Who knows - you might even get a phone call laugh


So remember, keep happy, keep safe and most importantly, keep in touch!

Ms Charman spots the ISS!

Ms Charman spots the ISS! 1
Ms Charman spots the ISS! 2
Ms Charman spots the ISS! 3
If you're allowed to stay up late, see if you can take a photo and send it in.  Let's see how many we can get!

VE Day celebrations

I am so sorry that we didn't have the opportunity to produce an assembly for our families about our amazing time at Calshot - we had some great ideas for it too!  Hopefully these photos give a brief taster of all the fun activities we experienced.

Science - where is the Earth in space?